19.3 Recap

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19.3 and 19.4 News!

1. Thank you to Kippin It Real for providing snacks on Sunday. 5 spirit points!

2. The Good Mornings are the #1 team again this week, nice work guys! They owe it to great team participation and strong performance in collecting extra points. PR’s, fancy dress, social media… it all pays off!

3. Men’s workout winners for 19.3 were Paul Limont of the GMs, Mark Thorn of KIR, and Max Baumann of KIR. The men were knocking out the HSPU’s! On the women’s side we had Maya Krah of the GMs, Hilary Limont of the GMs and Tammy of the ARs. For the women it was all about blazing speed on the lunges and step-ups.

4. The Limonts (both GMs) have a strong hold on the individual competition after 3 weeks. Both #1, but Brian Lee(KIR) and Maya Krah(GMs) are nipping at their heels, don’t let your guards down!

5. There were extra social media points for the Amrappers with that throwdown video from Adam Chumas and Erika this week. They are both putting pressure on those top spots by choosing to go RX a lot this year!Adam Chumas is now #5 overall and Erika Rice Ellison #6. We love your attitude! Keep it coming!

6. Welcome Quinn Williams (KIR) and Scott Thorpe (GMs) to the competition. They are both new members AND working on their first ever Open! Congratulations to you both, I saw your grit!

7. It’s not too late for anyone else to join and your scores will also be added retroactively if you participated in any open event so far. I’m talking to you Amy Nielsen (KIR), Jessica Haug (GMs) and Mallory Jennings (KIR)! Your teams need your points!

8. There are a few interesting battles shaping up… on the women’s side Shannon Seath Meyer (tagging Michael Meyer so she sees this) (KIR) and Danielle Hinz (KIR) are tied for 8th place. They’re both pushing themselves like crazy and we’re so proud of them! On the men’s side, we have Joshua Weil (KIR) and Dustin Landry (AR) in the same position. Can’t wait to see what these guys will do next!

9. Congratulations to Ann Donahoe (KIR) on a PR with the lunges. That dumbbell weighs almost as much as she does and she pushed hard to get up on the box too! Also to Jon Rodriguez (GMs) for being the only person to finish the workout! Way to go you two!

10. We had a few first time HSPUs in the workout: Jami Burke (ARs), Jojo Weller (ARs), Max Baumann(KIR) and Paul Limont (who worked it with 17 HSPUs). We love getting to see people master a new skill on the fly!

11. I’m giving a special spirit point to Kati Rice Otto(GMs) for having the biggest smile in a workout while going at it hard. Thanks for always being upbeat Kati!

12. For 19.4, we will see you Thursday evening for the Throwdown. As soon as the workout is announced, we’d like to have two brave men and two women tackle it head to head! We have Maya Krah and Lisa MacLeodso far volunteering for the women, and Josh Thorn and Joshua Weil for the men?? Let us know if you’d like to be the first to the bar!

The theme of 19.4 is to dress as another CrossFitter in the gym, (spirit points available for sure). And even if you’re not interested in the competition side of things, you’ll still get a great workout in!

Tammy and Josh

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