A Pandemic Proof Community

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on A Pandemic Proof Community

Hi Friends,

I don’t like¬† being shutdown, but my problem is not the politically oriented, scary, big-government-closes-down-small-business story that newspapers peddle. In the spring our community proved that narrative totally wrong. I may have been freaking out, but everyone was extremely supportive. I gained confidence that it would be a hard time, but it wouldn’t be the end. Big government can’t close down our crew! We would bounce back. Heading into a short period of online training once more, that confidence is still with me and I don’t see (for us anyway, thankfully), the possibility that we won’t bounce back again (knock on wood…what have I done).

My problem with the shutdown is that it discourages momentum. The real collateral damage of the spring shutdown was in the shoulder-season where businesses could technically “open”, but with no momentum. We were also required to practically discourage our customers from attending (due to Covid etc). It changes the dynamic of a business to have to make demands on their people.

You can come in BUT only one at a time.
BUT only if you wear masks.
BUT only if you stay in your 10×10 square of space
AND DON’T breathe at someone the wrong way

Businesses could technically “Open” but it didn’t really feel like it. Not only were the experiences greatly changed, but stigmas were created around behaviors and choices!

I’m all about being smart and maintaining a cognizance around how a Covid19 virus spreads, but what i’m not in favor of is being influenced by narrative-driven stigma into creating adversaries out of our own folks, especially in my own business!

Regardless of how Covid is spreading these days, sticking together and being charitable in withholding stigmatization is probably how we’re going to get through it all.

Happy Saturday,

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