Amy Nielsen: Focus and Fire

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My husband found CrossFit while looking for ways to increase fitness for work (Fire Fighter). He showed me the CrossFit main-page when I was 8 mos. pregnant with Hazel – I was not amused. However, once Hazel was 4 mos. old, we found a local Crossfit and started up…slowly. I haven’t looked back since. Susan Puz encouraged me to join her here on Vashon last fall.
My first impression of Crossfit, in general, was that it was crazy and unattainable. Good coaching quickly broke down those mental and physical barriers. My first impression of Crossfit Vashon was that is was a positive community lead with knowledgeable, attentive coaching. That impression has only been confirmed and deepened.
My very first Bright Spot was getting my first unassisted pull-ups. Since being with Vashon, I’ve had many after a slow shoulder rehab. One that stands out is getting handstand push-ups back. I almost didn’t even try because I thought they were still a ways off. That was pretty exciting.
Now I’m working on upper back strength and mobility to support my over head work and bar gymnastics work like toes to bar & bar muscle-ups.
My favorite memory at CF Vashon is probably Hilary spanking my butt when I messed up loading her bar. That’s when you know you’re breaking in!
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