Ann Donahoe’s 10,000 Burpee Journey

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on Ann Donahoe’s 10,000 Burpee Journey

100 burpees for 100 days! Ann finished it in 91.

As Thanksgiving approached (TG 2018), the CrossFit Vashon staff knew that there was a difficult time looming. The Holidays. The period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years that is basically one long party, and rarely do partying and fitness pair well together, (except with CrossFit).

We decided that in order to keep our momentum (that hard earned fitness currency), we would do 50 burpees a day for 50 days, as a gym community. Screw that, said some…we’ll do 100! And we’ll do it for 100 days. Jojo Weller, Lisa Macleod, Jami Burke, Brian Lee, and Ann Donahoe proceeded to rack up hundreds of burpees a week, sometimes doing over 200 at once (if you missed a day, you could make them up the next day).

Although the benefits of the burpees were abundant, since they functioned as an extra warmup AND built upper body strength, it WAS difficult to continue for such a long stretch of time.

Santa came and left. 2018 turned into 2019, family skiing trips embarked.

One person’s resolve never wavered.

Ann Donahoe finished her 10,000 burpees in under the 100day mark (it took her 91 days). This is her story (video above).

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