VS Power


Stength and power where it counts

Deadlift, bench, and squat. Oh my!

Launching a 10-week cycle: VashonStrong Power with Coach Lucas.

M/W/F @ 6:45pm
Starting September 13

Reserve your spot in class. Talk to Josh if you would like to up your membership to the next tier for the length of the cycle.

Non-members. We have limited space to sign up for the duration of the cycle. Talk to Josh with questions.

A little more about the program

The program is unique to Vashon Strong and is designed by NCFIT. It is intended to help members of our functional fitness community build toward their strength goals. The VS-Power program takes three definitions of strength into consideration, and we will help athletes reach their potential in all three…

1. Increase your contractile potential: At a physiological level…you will get ‘stronger’.
2. Increase your functional capacity: From a work standpoint…you will accomplish things you’ve never accomplished previously.
3. Illicit a biological response:  From increased time under tension, hormone-wise, you will enjoy the benefits of strength training.

The programming will be based around a combination of time-tested principles of traditional powerlifting (squat, press, dead), conjugate/Westside method (mix of max-effort and dynamic efforts), bodybuilding (hypertrophy and accessory work), and a few of our other favorite elements (odd objects, heavy holds, overloaded bodyweight movements, etc). If nothing else, this program will be a heck of a lot of fun!


The cadence for the course is Monday Backsquats, Wednesday Bench, and Friday Deadlift. If you simply want to put in some extra time on building one movement, this is a great opportunity , and you can simply attend on the days that make sense for you.


This is what we love to do.


1: No-sweat Intro

Schedule 15 mins to visit the gym and talk with the coach about your current fitness baseline, and goals moving forward.

2: On-ramp Essentials

Review fundamental movements in a one-on-one or small group setting, identify skills to work on and set achievable goals.

3: Your First Class

Check out a group class. We can scale any exercise to meet your fitness level, and have special classes for new members.

4: Become a Member

Join group classes regularly to hit the Workout of the Day! Challenge yourself, work hard, work harder, sweat, celebrate!

how do I start?

A little incentive

Feeling confident when you step into the gym makes all the difference, especially when you are new. We take the time to find out about your fitness goals and previous experience in a one-to-one setting and make sure you’ve got the basics before you join the larger group classes. Schedule your FREE “No-Sweat Intro Session” today.