Need to take a break?

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Canceling your membership

Please email Josh directly to cancel your membership subscription. As you already know, if you’re canceling within seven days of the next billing date, you’ll be charged for that month (but not the following).


As your coach, I want you to stay fit, so keep exercising, and hope to see you again soon!

This is what we love to do.


1: No-sweat Intro Meeting

Schedule 15 mins to visit the gym and talk with the coach about your current fitness baseline, and goals moving forward.

2: Start-up Essentials

Review fundamental movements in a one-on-one or small group setting, identify skills to work on and set achievable goals.

3: Join Your First Class

Check out a group class. We can scale any exercise to meet your fitness level, and have special classes for new members.

4: Become A Member

Join group classes regularly to hit the Workout of the Day! Challenge yourself, work hard, work harder, sweat, celebrate!

How do I start?

A little incentive

Feeling confident when you step into the gym makes all the difference, especially when you are new. We take the time to find out about your fitness goals and previous experience in a one-to-one setting and make sure you’ve got the basics before you join the larger group classes. Schedule your “No-Sweat Intro Session” and get your first class free.