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Specialty Courses

This video is designed to help each athlete navigate the “whys and hows” behind progressions (or scaling), understand the CrossFit methodology more deeply, and create their own plan for success…

This week saw the kick-off of the Pull-up Specialty Course. After the last round of goal interviews, it was clear that developing Pull-ups was one of the primary objectives of many members. Coach Tammy has developed this six-week course to help isolate, recruit and develop the right muscles and techniques to improve the strict pull-up,[…]

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Isn’t it funny how you go to the gym for max back squat day and, even though you haven’t done back squats in weeks, somehow you get a PR? That is the joy of CrossFit to me. Magic seems to happen when you’re not looking. Unless you’re talking about pull-ups! Why why why don’t we[...]

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