Friday Gym Updates 1/8/2021

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on Friday Gym Updates 1/8/2021

Hi Friends,

On Monday, King County will move into Phase 1 for Inslee’s Healthy-Washington plan that opens up more avenues for fitness, recreation, and entertainment businesses. Fitness facilities will be able to hold appointment based training sessions indoors with 1 indoor participant per 500sq ft. Given that our space is approximately 2000sq ft, we will be opening 4 indoor spots for each time slot! We will maintain our current level of attention to proper spacing between athletes and maximum clean airflow through the open garage doors for ventilation.

Indoor Masks: The guidelines specify masks for each indoor participant, yes even during the workout. This is ok. We are not a picky group of people. Let’s adjust our mindsets and do what we need to do to prepare. We will approach this new challenge like we would approach a heavy barbell: focused and mindful.

Schedules and Sign-ups: Group schedules will reflect updated availability. The indoor spots will be first-come first-serve and will not replace outdoor platform spots. Each workout will preserve the same flow that you are used to. We won’t be artificially modifying the workouts (at this time) to accommodate masks but we certainly expect self-regulation when it comes to managing air flow. Pace yourself as necessary so that you can keep your mask on! As coaches we want you to be healthy, strong, unafraid, and adaptable. We won’t be yelling at you to ‘GO FASTER’ during a cardio based movement while your mask is impeding your air flow. While studies have been done showing working out with a mask is perfectly safe, we recognize that psychologically it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Just do your best!

Future Vision: While it might not happen right away, the vision is to have a squat rack on every platform outside and to be able to incorporate more barbell based strength movements into our workouts, which will be more mask-friendly, diverse, and fun! We will continue to live-stream our workouts via Zoom for you to join remotely.

Equipment return: If you are ready to return to in-person groups, you can return your equipment 15minutes before or after any scheduled class time. If you are doing a little bit of both (Zoom and in-person), we would ask that you return the gym equipment that you have so we can consolidate it for our gym-based activities.

Personal Responsibility: A BIG thank you to all who have demonstrated attentiveness and caution by staying home when you’re not feeling well. We’ve had multiple instances of folks monitoring themselves for cold-like symptoms and staying home when necessary. You’re the best, and we salute you.

Happy Friday!

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