Hilary and Paul Limont

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What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? What were your first impressions? What was your first ‘bright spot’? What are you working on now, and what is your favorite memory at CrossFit Vashon?
Ft. Hilary Limont. Aka ‘Hil’. Aka Hilary ‘Lethal’ Lee.
Man, it was 2009 – Paul was grinding hard at work and needed to do something fun/physical so he joined our local Greenlake Northwest CrossFit gym, which was really small back then, just like Josh’s started here. I was killing myself at the 24HourFitness, getting “super skinny” after my babies, and a trainer told me I was skinny-fat. Soooo… Paul kept encouraging me to come with him and I hesitated for awhile, thinking CrossFit was NOT for girls!!! (I KNOW right?! What was wrong with me. Oh, I’ve come so far in life…) Anyway, I joined as a weakling cardio addict and realized I could barely lift the bar and needed a green band to do a pull-up. I was hooked right away and never looked back, obviously. I met some amazing, strong women there who have become like family – and I firmly believe now in “strong is beautiful” and that everyone has their own unique body and best self.

You know it’s a good workout when you’re almost too tired to high-five afterward

My first impression was that Josh was the real deal and I was lucky to have him as a coach. I’ve had many coaches and Josh was the right mix of technical, serious, motivating, fun and down-to-earth. Paul and I had lived on Vashon for only a year and I had already run ALL the roads on the island, and I hate running. I knew it wasn’t sustainable so when Josh opened, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have gotten more and more impressed with how solid our community has grown – it has intentionally been cultivated organically. And more generally, as much as I love CrossFit, I know now that the reason it’s the best is that there is something for everyone, we can ALL find a strength in addition to something to work on!

I’ve had so many bright spots. It took me a long time to “come back” into my CrossFit shape so being patient with myself has been crucial… but the first bright spot that comes to mind is during the Open this year, I actually hit a handful of chest-to-bars for the first time! And Tammy and Ami were there to cheer me on, that was so awesome. But I’ve had SO many bright spots – most of them involve connecting with a partner and fighting through a workout together, realizing that we are more capable than we think. Also, how cool is it that I get to work out with my husband almost every day?! AND my brother?? Just the best. Feels like a damn dream.

Paul ‘Paublo’ doing his signature over-the-bar burpees at breakneck speed.

What’s your next bright spot going to be?
I’m working on getting a strict pull-up this year.

Favorite CrossFit Vashon memory?
Ohh, probably Murph. That was such an amazing day of people working SO hard and cheering each other on. Loved it.

Murph Crew, 2018


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