How to Rx, Every Time

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Hi All,

I told you last week about Wrestling being my first sport. Here’s how it led me to CrossFit:

One of the things I loved about wrestling was the intensity. The focused mindset, the importance of technique (wrestling is very technical), and the careful balance of pushing your limits while maintaining economy of breath was fascinating. As you know, all of those things are present in CrossFit as well. Plus I had always loved the part of wrestling practice that involved lifting weights and walking on my hands!

One of the things I didn’t like about wrestling though was the competition. The matches were confrontational in their nature, similar to fights. One guy trying to wear down another guy. The challenge was rooted in conflict. To win, I had to break down someone. Matches felt like life or death more than fun. My first CrossFit workout on the other hand, (1/2 Angie), was between me and a pull-up bar, and afterwards I was already thinking about how I was going to do things the next time.

In CrossFit, there’s no other person you’re trying to take down. The Rx weight on the board isn’t an opponent, and neither is the workout. They are there to help you get better. They are there to expose areas of fitness that you’re not accustomed to, and help you address them.

No one is looking at what time you finish, they care only that you finish. No one is looking to see if you used lighter weights, they care only that you used weights that challenged you. That’s what it means to Rx a workout.

Happy Friday!

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