Memoirs of a Traveling Crossfitter

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by Max Baumann

So far, I’ve been to CrossFit Box’s in 11 other countries…The worldwide love for CrossFit is energizing and inspiring to see. I really enjoy experiencing CrossFit as I travel around. Every box has welcomed me with open arms (many places not even charging for the visit). And while there’s a lot that’s consistent at every CrossFit box as I travel (great attitudes, hard work, community, etc) I’m definitely missing CrossFit Vashon and the great community there. Some of the  boxes I’ve visited were big with lots of bright shiny equipment and locker rooms and showers, but they had no community and no personality, I felt like a number. While I’m still far off from visiting every CrossFit box that exists in the world, from my small sampling I feel I can say with some confidence that CrossFit Vashon is a World Class CrossFit Box. I’m missing the great coaching, the wonderfully connected people, supportive community, and focused programming.
These days as I’m fighting traffic to get across the city of Cluj to try and get to a CrossFit class on time, I’m thinking how blessed we are to have such a fantastic box, right there on the island.
Of course, CrossFit boxes aren’t always available and during my travels I had a few weeks where I was often in some places where there was no CrossFit. I made the mistake of not maintaining some level of activity and after almost a month of very little CrossFit, and not much intense exercise, I finally got back to a CrossFit box. My mobility, strength and endurance definitely took a hit, and the next two weeks where very hard. I wish I had been doing more to keep active and mobile.
Also.. pro-tip: If it’s been a while since you’ve done CrossFit, it’s better to take it easy on your first days back and go more often, than to go all out on your first day back and then suffer days on days of soreness. (Yeah, I know this is probably common sense, but I went way too hard my first days back and suffered for it).
I’m definitely missing is the great programming at CrossFit Vashon.  Even when I am able to get to CrossFit on a regular basis, it’s usually not at the same box, which means my training is very inconsistent and random… I’m appreciating the focus of the programming at CrassFit Vashon, it’s a great balance of variety and purpose.  I’m missing the progress I make when I’m home.
Some take-aways:
– I’ve done a lot more Romanian Deadlifts in Romania, but still haven’t gotten to Bulgaria for some Bulgarian Split Squats 🙂
– Sighting: I saw Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath training at B’Bros CrossFit in Budapest
– Kilograms are definitely more logical than pounds, but pounds have higher numbers, so it’s more satisfying.
– In France, they don’t call it a Clean and Jerk, they call it a Royal with Cheese (no not really)
– They do Murph over here too, but not an a consistent day, but around the end of May.
Miss you all, keep up the strong work!
Coach Max
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