Mom, Entrepreneur, Former Garage Gym CrossFitter: Lauren Evashenk

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Hey Guys, meet Lauren​! Lauren is a former gymnast, an OG Garage-Crossfiter, and now runs an eco-friendly cosmetics business. She recently became a mom (11 weeks ago). When she’s not doing burpees or holding a perfect handstand, she embraces healthy living through sustainable and non-cosmetic cosmetic products:)
I learned about 5 years ago that the cosmetics industry in the U.S. is essentially unregulated, and that the most common products are full of toxic ingredients. With similarly lacking labeling regulations, it felt nearly impossible to find healthy products that I felt good about. So, I resolved to make my own makeup that met my high standards as a useful hobby. However, through the interest of family and friends, it became clear that other women felt as frustrated with the beauty industry as I did, and I decided to take the leap of faith and start Naked Truth Beauty when we moved to Vashon a couple years later. It feels good to wake up every day to create products that are good for our bodies, communities, and environment.
Early in my move to Vashon, I was deciding whether or not to accept a job in Seattle, when my former employer called me and asked if I was still “doing my makeup thing.” He wanted to invest. I hadn’t created the business yet, but he believed in me and my vision. That vote of confidence pushed me over the edge to go for it and start Naked Truth Beauty.
Right now, I’m a new mom and I’m currently working on bringing that new point of view to Naked Truth Beauty through my blogging. Healthy living feels even more urgent when I’m looking out for my baby too!

Although I haven’t done CrossFit since my pregnancy started, the community is what brought me to it! My favorite ‘JoshFit’ memory (JoshFit = CrossFit in Josh’s garage) is when Josh kicked us out of the garage to move to the gym uptown. It was great to watch him build the gym and make his CrossFit dreams happen.

Lauren Evashenk
Founder & Owner
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