No More Sore Knees! Member Spotlight: Alex Tokar

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‘18 months ago I played a game of soccer with kids resulting in several weeks of sore knees. Recently, after 6 months of Crossfit, I played a game of soccer with a bunch of the same kids, who are now much larger and more skilled than they were before. This time, I had only one day of sore knees and maybe 2 days worth of stiffness. It should be noted that I may not have played for the same length of time, and it is highly likely that I have better shoes, but I am very pleased with the reduced level of pain, and I attribute that reduction to Crossfit💪👍

I originally heard about CrossFit from Damon Lamphear. I was interested because I noticed that as time passed, I was losing what little muscle mass I had and that seemed like a bad trend. I was also experiencing back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain, and I wondered if building muscle mass around joints could reduce some of that pain. I’m pretty sure that I’m experiencing less knee, back and shoulder pain as a result of Crossfit!

I really enjoy everyone’s positivity and enthusiasm. It’s infectious and it’s a fun way to start the day.
I recently made my 30 push-ups in-a-row  goal and I feel quite bullish on my prospects to do 5 pullups in a row. So…50 and 10?  Is that even possible? But more generally, I am also interested in improving shoulder health/mobility and continuing to explore connected movement!’


Thanks Alex, we love hearing stories of success! Improving quality of life is what we’re all about.

CF Vashon Coaching Team

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