Scaling for Success

By Coach Lisa Specialty Courses Comments Off on Scaling for Success


  • So, you’ve done on-ramp, attended your first classes and are not sure how to appropriately scale the workout for your level of fitness.
  • You’ve had an injury, but don’t want to stop working out and need some options.
  • Some days showing up is the best you can do, and you need to go a little easier on the workout.
  • You are working towards a fitness goal and are unsure of the exercise progressions to get there.

This video is designed to help each athlete navigate the “whys and hows” behind progressions (or scaling), understand the CrossFit methodology more deeply, and create their own plan for success. See options for three specific and challenging skills, understand the importance of taking responsibility for your own experience, and balancing “pushing yourself” with safely progressing through the movements.

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