The Second Part of the VashonStrong Motto…

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 “It never gets easier, you just get stronger”

What’s missing? 

Our motto embodies a philosophy of not expecting or wanting things to be easier. Because really, everything is difficult. Being tired from working out is difficult, but so is not having energy due to being out of shape. Eating protein and drinking water is hard, but so is the sugar crash that follows a highly processed carb-heavy meal. Either way it’s difficult, we only get to choose which difficult thing we approach. We only get the knowledge that by choosing health we are taking the high road. We are taking the road less traveled. We are taking he road that leads to better places in the long run and is, in fact, a rewarding and fun kind of challenge instead of a defeating one. The high road is tough but it leads to Mt. Rainier and each step reveals more of the lofty and humbling peak. The low road is unpleasant in a different way – it’s bumpy and dirty and it goes to a bog. 

There’s more to our motto though, because it’s actually lacking a key perspective: Things DO get easier as you gain grit, and resilience, and mental toughness (no not the rubber grit that sticks to your shirt after burpees).

Take a second and reflect on how many burpees you’ve done. How many times you’ve walked out the door to get to a workout. How many times you’ve put weight on a bar and applied yourself to learning how to move it efficiently. You never thought that it was something you would want to do, the movements still feel awkward, the barbell hurts your wrists, and getting sweaty in a drafty garage is just about the last thing you’d like to be doing right now. The fact that you have achieved doing these things over and over thus far makes you a veritable superhero.

It never gets easier, and if you’ve been struggling with the same weight for a while you think, “Well i’m not getting any stronger either”. Yes you are. You have the drive to keep moving forwards. You have the strength to cut through obstacles. You have the energy to climb an uphill slope and the courage to face things that scare you over and over until they no longer affect you. 

Happy Friday!

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