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Traveling Nutrition and Fitness Thoughts:


You don’t have your own bed. Your own routine. Or your own kitchen. Likely there isn’t time to truly feel like you can ‘workout’. But you can, should, and every little thing counts.


Tabata series’ are easy and simple to do in your hotel room before work.

Tabata Pushups, Tabata Squats. Tabata Pushups alternating with Squats (whoa)

It’s less important to get a full 1hr workout in than it is to stay mentally ‘in it’. Doing something small will help maintain your mindset of consistency. Giving up is bad. Pick something that you’d like to get better at. Do it for 8 rounds of 20seconds ‘work’, 10seconds ‘rest’.


Walk places. Instead of driving, walk outside. It’s good for your hips, posture, and your mindset. You’ll stay mentally engaged in making the healthy choice.

Eat protein. On the restaurant menus, choose the steak or salmon. It doesn’t have to be steak or salmon specifically, but choose the option where you get less food for more money. It will be worth it for your energy and metabolism. Don’t choose the sandwich. Don’t choose the pasta. These options can be healthy if made at home. But when they’re made at the restaurant they’re made to be delicious. That means the meal will be 90% Carbs. Fat. Sugar. Salt. Maybe there’s a protein source somewhere in there but it’s going to be small and inconsequential. We don’t want to be afraid of carbs in a normal setting. A balanced meal will have around 40% of its calories from a carbohydrate. What I am telling you is that most options on a restaurant’s menu will have 90% of its calories from carbs. That’s way too much. It’s basically sugar to your body. Protein is absorbed differently, and should be prioritized when eating out.

Prioritize sleep. Even if you’re not sleepy. It’s tough I know. But go to bed.

Long term change is the sum of short term changes, you got this.


Happy Contrails!


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