Workout with us

ZOOM link for ALL online classes HERE

Weekday classes @ 6:00am, 9:30am and 5:30pm

Saturday squats @ 9:00am

Sunday bootcamp @ 8:00am

**View the schedule on your mobile device by downloading one of the apps below, then entering in our scheduling link:


Challenge Yourself: A self-imposed structure is a great way to pick up a set of habits that you wouldn’t spontaneously adopt. We will be holding social media challenges with apparel for prizes. Follow us at @vashonstrong if you haven’t already!

Customized Personal Training: If you’re looking for 1:1 instruction or accountability, you can hire one of our coaches to do personal training sessions with you via Zoom (or possibly in the gym depending on the focus). The coach would provide a programming plan based on your goals and space/equipment. It would be like any other Personal Training session, just through the computer! We offer 60min or 30min sessions. Email to get set up!

Nutrition Coaching: Now is a great time to work on dialing in your nutrition! We will all have less distraction, and more time to follow through on improving our relationship with food! Conveniently, Coach Sarah is leading a nutrition challenge beginning THIS WEEK. Email to set up an intake interview and start your nutrition journey.

Online Accountability: You feel good about your ability to get workouts done on your own, but you can’t make the Zoom groups and you’d still like a measure of group accountability. In that case, join a VashonStrong Team led by a Coach. You’ll get the workout of the day via email, and a weekly check-in phone call to keep you on track. Email to get set up.