Never too old


Join Crossfit Legends


Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30-7:30am

with Coach Tammy


CrossFit Vashon Legends is for people aged 55 and over (or those rehabbing an injury) who want to work with a coach in a group setting to improve their health and fitness.
The Legends program uses the CrossFit methodology. It is built upon a constantly varied combination of movements that we all do everyday, regardless of age: Lift, push, pull, squat and occasionally jump and throw. It is similar to our regular group classes but with longer warmups, more mobility and balance work, and less gymnastics and olympic lifting. We use barbells, dumbbells and body weight for our exercises.
The class is based on functional movements that will help improve strength, stamina and mobility, making you stronger for everyday activities like recreational sports, chasing the grandkids or simply moving the grocery cart around the supermarket.
Every session is delivered by an enthusiastic coach who will adjust the movements in the class to meet your level of fitness ensuring that you will be fully participating in the class no matter where you’re starting from.
If you are interested in the Legends program, and joining our welcoming, supportive community, schedule a No-Sweat Intro and talk to the coach!

Why we care

Our definition of health is increased work capacity across broad time and model domains throughout life. The way we achieve this is by practicing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity, with intensity being relative to the athlete’s current levels of physical and psychological tolerance.

CrossFit Programming for Seniors

How old is too old for CrossFit? As it turns out, CrossFit can be structured to accommodate a range of physical limitations. Equally important, the intensity of CrossFit can be scaled to match the changing needs of an active person.

Regardless of age, it can be useful to work with an experienced trainer, especially at the start. Someone familiar with the exercises can guide practitioners towards the safest and most effective methods for performing the various movements.

Additionally, CrossFit trainers are often aware how to maintain fitness following injuries or surgeries. And because CrossFit programming for seniors is quite common, trainers often have experience working specifically with older adults.

One of the reasons CrossFit has become so common among seniors is because it’s approachable for people with limited financial resources. Once you know how to perform a few exercises properly, it’s often possible to set up your own CrossFit training area from almost any space.

Staying in Shape

With the right program, a person is never too old for CrossFit.  It’s highly adaptable, and for seniors, CrossFit can support the strength necessary to maintain independence. Though our physical limitations change with age, our need for physical activity remains nearly constant.

Whether it’s CrossFit or something else, staying active is important, and consistency is what really counts. The best workouts will always be whatever seems enjoyable enough to become a regular part of your life.