Adjust Your Timeline

Feb 10, 2022

 by Josh Thorn

Hi Friends,

We're doing deep work. Slow work. 

It's not about putting 100lbs on your squat in three months, or starting at the gym and 2 weeks later being able to do 10 pullups. It doesn't happen like that! It's about developing technique, body awareness, and understanding your movement over a long period of time. Combined with consistent effort, the weight (or the pullups) will follow those committments.

Those things are for certain, and inextricably linked - it's the timeline that may be unpredictable which can be hard to accept.  I know I crave seeing an easily understood linear relationship between input and output. But circumstances in life can change, consistency and rhythm get routinely disrupted, and injuries happen to everyone in all walks of life. I'd hazard a guess that statistically speaking, we will all sustain injuries of some kind at some point, reagardless of how careful of a person we are.

We like to think we can control the timeline, but oftentimes it's just not the case. But we CAN recognize that there is an expectation on the timeline that's creating unrealistic pressure and poorly influencing our choices. 

Zoom out, reset our priorities on quality of movement over the long term, and things become possible. 

Happy Friday!