The Paradox of Momentum

Apr 25, 2022

 by Josh Thorn

Hi All,

It's a pleasure to give an outlet to physical energy. It's not just a human thing, you can see it in dogs especially. When they have too much energy and then you take them out, they run joyfully! I've never seen a happier face than when my dog Clementine brings back the first ball I throw.

But when you don't feel's much harder. I know you want to get to that spot where you feel good, but how? 

Have you ever push-started a car? It's a good trick when your battery is dead and you don't have access to jumper cables. It's when you take your car to a hill, let it roll down in neutral and then, when it gets up to speed, put it in gear and the car's own momentum starts the engine. 

Going to the gym is like that sometimes. We want to feel good but we don't. We want to be motivated but we aren't. Our battery is dead and turning the key over and over isn't working. And here's the thing, it never will. 

I know it sucks when your battery is dead. When that's the case, turning the key over and over will never work. But you don't have to give up yet. 

Sometimes all you need is a litle artifical momentum. 

Happy Friday!