Bright Spots Friday Post

Jan 7, 2022

 by Josh Thorn

Hi Friends,

When Covid was first becoming a presence in China in 2019, I had two members say to me at the gym:“Are you following this? This is going to get bad.” 

Now, two years after that event, I look back on how things went at the gym in something akin to awe. We locked down and stayed at home, forayed into the world of Zoom activities, and tried to workout remotely. I did multiple workouts on instagram-live which I think we can all agree was a backwards step.

Mostly we asked each other for a lot of patience while we figured out a new paradigm.

As Omicron surges, we are still being adapting and think it appropriate to do a quick review of our Covid precautions at the gym:

Ventilation: A two-doors open policy for all group classes for ventilation and airflow. Last week, due to the snow and the super cold temps, we brought the doors down for workouts because the cold was prohibitive. When we have to bring the doors down due to weather or cold, we will announce it via the app. The message will also appear for you if you’re signing in on the website via a top-banner. Our go-to agreement is if we close the doors, everyone masks up.

Masks: Wear a mask into the gym and during the whiteboard brief. During movement-based portions of the class, masks are optional based on the member’s preference. We believe that the nature of our small groups and our membership's 100% vaccination rate makes this a safe and understandable choice.

Outdoor Platforms: Platforms are always available for use if you want 100% ventilation

Coaches: We are available to chat about modifications and it is always ok to wear a mask during workouts for your own safety.

Class Size: Our current class limit is 10. Initially, we limited class sizes to 8. However, workouts were overfilling and we felt we had to raise it to 10 to accommodate everyone. Now, we have more classes on the schedule AND waitlists available. We have moved to an 8-person class size to allow better spacing in the gym.

**Note: Cleaning Equipment: We decided to stop focusing on wiping down shared equipment because the scientific consensus seems to agree that surfaces do not account for the level of transmission they first assumed. We'll make cleaning supplies more available in the future for super sweaty events. 

One thing that consistently produced negative results for me was thinking that we had to get something done perfectly the first time or else there would be disastrous consequences. When we’re learning to function in a new paradigm, we rarely do it perfectly on the first try.

Happy Friday!