Friday Gym Updates!

Mar 11, 2022

 by Josh Thorn

Hi All!

We have a couple things happening this weekend that we just wanted to remind you of!

Mask Updates: As of March 12th (tomorrow), we will be a mask optional facility for all coaches and athletes. This is due to declining risk of Covid 19 in the state and in the county. If you want to continue to wear a mask that is completely fine, we fully support needing to exercise more caution or simply if it's the right choice for your current situation. Thank you all for your understanding over the last couple years. It's thanks to you that we have not had any instances of Covid transmission in the gym. I know that masks have been uncomfortable, annoying, and frustrating. They don't always line up with one's personal beliefs or with one's level of personal risk tolerance. But through two years of some very difficult discourse, folks have shown a willingness to adapt and overcome. Thank you.

Guest Physical Therapist Workshop, Saturday 7:30-9am (Free): Tomorrow morning we are hosting Denise with Revive Movement for a workshop on shoulder health. Denise is a physical therapist in Seattle and is going to come over to our island and share her perspecitve on how to work with the shoulder. We all know that the shoulder can be a troublesome and painful joint, susceptible to irritation and inflammation. Strengthened and mobilized correctly, the shoulder is a linchpin of beautiful athletic movement. When inflammed or incorrectly utilized, it can be a source of pain and frustration. Come and join us for this free workshop with a wonderful professional, sign up via the schedule!

Firefighter Fundraising Sunday WOD, 9-10:30am: On Sunday morning, two of our Firefighting members, Brian Lee and Karen Jensen, will be in Seattle climbing the steps of the Columbia Tower in full bunker gear to raise money for Leukemia. At the gym, in solidarity, we will be hosting our own 'stair climbing' workout. 1,000 Box Step Ups For Time! If you have a weight vest...wear it;) Bring some cash to put in the boot, the gym will match cash donations that get put in. See you there, sign up via the schedule!

Happy Friday,