Training vs Competing

Feb 3, 2022

 by Josh Thorn

Hi All,


It's important to remember that 'training' and 'competing' are two different mindsets. When you're 'in training' it's ok to practice different skills. It's good to try new things and to fail at them. Try heavy weights, light weights, jerks, snatches, footwork changes, it's all good. There's no judgement if you miss something or fall down, it's part of the process. Missing a PR attempt doesn't mean you failed, quite the opposite. You succeeded at trying something hard, something that most people don't do every day. And it's ok because it's not about winning every day, it's about investing in longer term gains. Those long terms gains could be realized in a competition later if you wanted. 

When we're at the gym on a day to day basis, we're 'in training'. It might feel intense because of the clock and everyone around you moving, but it's still just training. You don't go to gym-jail because you tried to do the workout at a certain weight and struggled with it!


The reason that this is a powerful concept is that until joining a gym like this, it's normal to think of lifting or running as just 'exercise'. There's nothing wrong with 'exercise' per say, but a hamsterwheel is for 'exercising' and many folks get frustrated with 'exercise' because it doesn't take long before they feel the lack of purpose behind it. Barbells, jump ropes, coaching, programmed workouts, scheduled intensity, technique focus, floor space, and progressive overload are for "training". We're people with the desire to face real challenges, not hamsters! 

In terms of taking care of ourselves, in terms of longevity and happiness, it's better to find something that you really enjoy training for a while. Something that's fun, stimulating, and teases your brain to say 'I want to keep practicing this...'. You can compete if you want to, and that mindset deserves it's own focus, but 'training' is a great way to practice, have fun, learn, and pay into a long term investment account. 

Happy Friday!