VashonStrong Nutrition Protocol

Apr 25, 2022

 by Josh Thorn

Hi All,

Here is the VashonStrong Nutrition Protocol. It's designed to be applied in broad strokes and with minimal overthinking. That is to say, it is simple, but NOT easy.

1. Prioritize Protein. Always have *high* protein sources prepped. Chicken, beef, fish, meat. They should be available, easy to hand, ready to be added to main meals and snacks alike. Nut and seed butters are not viable protein sources. Make it easy to get protein. Proximity and low barrier to access is key. Don't worry about the fat content in the protein sources when you're first starting out. As you get more discerning or would like greater effect, you can prioritize lean sources like ground turkey, chicken breast, tofu, and egg whites.

2. PRIORITIZE PROTEIN. Just kidding! But in general, invite satiation via frequent consumption of protein and fat sources. Limit carbohydrates as much as possible. Specifically limit foods that are high in carbohydrate and fat together. Protein + Fat = Good. Carbohydrate + Fat = Addictive. 

3. Diversify carbohydrate sources to include something that is nutrient dense (rice, potatoes, bread) and something that is fiber-dense (cruciferous vegetables, crunchy greens). 

4. Desserts should be small both in portion size and relative frequency. Don't keep bulk quantities of desserts at home. Let the grocery store keep them for you and buy them in single servings when desired. Apply this concept to other bulk 'junk foods' as well like chips, popcorn, chocolate, and candy. 

5. Reduce intake of alcohol. If necessary to choose, eat sugary desserts instead of drinking alcohol. Alcohol has more calories, more damaging metabolites, is guaranteed to ruin your ability to recover overnight, and is a strong gateway to DOWN-spiralling routines. You are more likely to get sick, more likely to eat poorly, AND more likely to not exercise ALL as a result of habitually consuming alcohol. 

Hire a coach to help you apply this protocol until you feel comfortable going it alone. VashonStrong coaches Maya and Shannon and Josh are all certified Nutrition Coaches and passionate about helping. Mastering our nutrition protocol is potentially MORE effective than our exercise and movement protocol. It is also certainly more difficult because it's internal and closely networked into our personal and social lives. Also, our cultural relationship to food has been subject to misinformation by 'Big Sugar' and 'Big Alcohol' marketing campaigns for years. 

Ready to go? We are too.