Weekly WODs Dec 20

Dec 19, 2021

 by Lisa MacLeod

Secret Santa, goals, bingo, and pushups!

  • Keep up the hard work with the thirty push-ups a day for 30 days - you'll get SO strong!
  • Remember to get going on your bingo card - pinned up by the push-up chart...
  • Get your 2022 goals onto the goals tree, so we can track them as the year goes on.
  • Secret Santa gifts should go under the tree this week. The gift exchange will be Sunday 26th, after the 12 Days of Fitmas holiday WOD @ 10am.

New website and scheduling software

Thank you for making the transition over to the new system so seamless. We will stop using Acuity (the old app and software) at the end of December, so please chat with a coach if you are still having issues with transferring to the new app.

Holiday schedule

  • No 5:30pm on Friday Dec 24
    (Teens will be the last class on Christmas Eve, 3:15-4:15pm)
  • No Saturday Dec 25th classes
  • Sunday Dec 26: Holiday WOD and Secret Santa at 10:00am 
    No class limit on the Sunday Holiday WOD


VSX this week...

Strength: Sumo Deadlift
Workout: For time
Run, T2B, Sumo DLs
Strength: Push Jerk
Workout: AMRAP
Push jerks, back-rack lunges, up-downs
Strength: Cleans
Workout: Sets
Row, DU's Cleans
Strength: Bench press
Workout: AMRAP
Cross-body MT Climbers, tuck-ups, push-ups
Strength: Deadlifts
Benchmark workout: Three Wise Men
Deadlifts, Bike, DB Thrusters


SUNDAY: 10am only
Benchmark workout: 12 days of Fittmas
Secret Santa present exchange