You'll see "Open 2023" on the schedule. Simply sign in as usual.

FEB 16-17
Be my Valentine

 FEB 23-24
Aloha Luau

MAR 3-4
Mardi Gras


To earn points for your team, here are the criteria:

  • +1pt: Attendance. Show up, do the workout, and log it on the app!
  • +1pt: Show up ON THEME. We love a good costume WOD ;)
  • +1pt: Post a top score in either the Rx, Scaled, or Firebreather.
  • +3pts: Awarded by the coaches to the team that showed the most spirit in whatever form or fashion it so happens to manifest. Awarded each week.
  • +3pts: Each overall division winner, awarded at the end of the Open based on the leaderboards in the app!

Demolition Team

Captains: Lisa & Juniper

Aaron Hendon
Boy Longlalerng
Charly Najera
Danielle Hinz
Elicia Johnson
Erik Rogneby
Hilary Limont
Janet Hernandez
Jenaya Crane
Josh Thorn
Juniper Rogneby
Katie Wolny
Kim Flack
Lisa MacLeod
Maya Krah
Mikey Naucas
Paul Limont
Raquel Idiaquez
Shannon Seath Meyer
Steven Brewer
Troy Stark

Beast Mode

Captains: Brian and Eli

Adam Day
Ben Carr
Brian Lee
Daalny Meyer
David Hunter
Elijah Berry
Erika Anderson
Holly Rudd
Jeff Dallas
Jesse Johnson
Josh Ulhir
Karen Jensen
Kay Syrrist
Laura Cherry
Mark Thorn
Michael Meyer
Nan Wilson
Ploy Chaleoy
Rebecca Lamphear
Simon Jackson
Victor Nunez

Hustle & Muscle

Captains: Erika E and Jojo

Alex Tokar
Beth Anne Freiling
Charlie Caldwell
Damon Lamphear
Devon DeLapp
Emma Fuller
Erika Ellison
Irene Alexander
Jen Williams
Jojo Weller
Julie Thielges
Katie Otto
Kevin Yip
Laura Favela
Max Baumann
Michelle Howe
Nicole Donahue
Rapha Torres
Sarah Powell
Tammy Dye
Windi Pinoges



Rather than charging a competition fee, we are pairing Open 2023 with a fundraiser for an immediate equipment purchase that's outside the normal budget. You can donate as much as you are able, so feel free to edit the amount.

A GHD (a specialty item perfect for building core strength), an Assault Bike, and four new barbells.

We are looking to raise around $2500