Gym Updates: Class Schedule Changes

Apr 11, 2022

 by Gym Admin

Hi All,

It's spring break week in the school system. Traditionally, this means lighter attedance at workouts in the gym, so in anticipation of that we are going to reduce the schedule slightly just for this week. 

-No 9:30am VSX or 6:20pm Flex on Tuesday

-No 8:15am VSX Group on Thursday

Specialty Program Updates!

We have some excellent specialty programs coming up for you. Shannon is leading a Running Lab starting on April 19th with a focus on mobility, strength, and gait. She is even hosting a Sunday morning hill-run in the Maury Island Marine Park as part of it. Classes will be available to sign up for on the schedule for individual drop-ins, or you can pay for the series in bulk. 

We also have a special class dedicated to Pull-ups on the schedule starting in May. We'll focus on strict strength and more advanced kipping techniques. We'll apply new approaches towards building relevant muscle groups, and drive hard towards getting pull-ups locked in!

Info can be found here:

And finally, TWEENS is coming back on the schedule starting on April 22nd (Friday). Tweens will run 4:15-5:15pm for May, June, and July with recurring membership and drop-in options available. 

Happy Monday!