Class times Winter 2022

Dec 31, 2021

 by Lisa MacLeod

Schedule update for January


After more feedback, we have made a few more tweaks to the January class schedule.

Evening WODs will start at 5:10pm and 6:20pm, adding a new class in that 6:20pm slot. We are also adding an extra Class en Español to the schedule, with workouts moving to M/W/F at 7:30pm. New Mobility, Teen, and Tween classes will also start mid-month.


Check out the new classes, and start booking them into your schedule for 2022. Remember, we have to use them to keep them, so be sure to pass the word around.


Get your pump on!

VS-Flex is a little different from our other core programs. We trade out some “intensity” and “testing” for a little more “burn” and “aesthetics.” We give up the “prepared for anything” of a general preparedness program (GPP) to gain some more “OMG, you look amazing.” This is a great class to take if you are coming back to the gym after a long break - a chance to build up your strength and confidence. Or you can add this on top of any VSX workout on the same day.

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Total Power

The program is unique to Vashon Strong and is designed by NCFIT. It is intended to help our functional fitness community members build toward their strength goals. Your Total is your PR weights from these three lifts added together. This once-a-week class is an extended session of 75mins, so we can deep-dive into the lifts.

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