Catch Up

Why do we squat? How do we do it for maximum benefit?  Most people are a little wary of squatting.
So many people ask: What should I eat? But what they're really asking is: "How do I align my nutrition
This is a common question and the answer is different for everyone.   Here are some universal truths: Protein and
When the gym started I was doing a workout every day at 5:30am with two clients, one was a high
Your body needs protein to build and repair muscle tissue after a workout. Even if you're not looking to 'bulk-up'
Super common question: should the knees move over the toes when you squat? Yep for sure - in order to
Hi All, I stopped pursuing a career as a Paramedic primarily because I was losing my compassion. It was scary.
The term 'paralysis by analysis' is a funny way of saying something very real. If you give a person two
Pastor Paul's Story - by Paul Mitchell I’ve never described myself as an athlete because I thought it was synonymous
This time of year is about when those New Years' resolutions start to fade. We start to lose motivation. Here's
Reframing Stress, and Reinterpreting Fear   There are three types of fun. The first kind is like a birthday party
We opened CrossFit Vashon in 2016 with a tiny amount of space, no bathroom, and a few pieces of equipment.