Catch Up

PROGRAMMING  What's coming up? August/September Strength Cycle Week 1 of 7 (7/26-8/1) -     10-Rep Test  Week 2 of 7
PROGRAMMING What's coming up? MONDAY Make 1-2 truly heavy attempts at a 10-Rep Deadlift making smart jumps with the shorter
PROGRAMMING What's coming up? MONDAY Work on basic mechanics of the FS for these higher rep sets. This will set
PROGRAMMING What's coming up? MONDAY Work for QUALITY on these strength movements today...start with the lower end of the rep
NCX programming chart HERE Monday! WARM-UP AMRAP x 7 MINUTES 30 Mountain Climbers 8 Alt. Groiners w/ Thoracic Twist 8
NCX weekly programming chart HERE  NCGo at home wods HERE  Monday WARM-UP AMRAP x 7 MINUTES 10/8 Cal Row 10
We're 100% NCX now baby. Here we go barbells!!!! Stay tuned for #infiltratewithlove June 27th to celebrate PRIDE! Weekly programming
Mobility NCGo with follow along vids NCX with lesson plans and stimulus Here's the email!    AAAAAAND back by popular
Hi Friends, Every Friday I start an email that I label (to myself) 'Bright Spots Friday'. And in the facebook
POST MURPH! How do you feel?? We're transitioning to NCX programming for the 9:30 and 5:30 groups as well as
VashonStrong Spring Tees and Tanks Get em' while they're hot! This is the Pre-order form for some spring Tees and
MOBILITY  Follow along workouts for at home wodsters: NCGO  NCX Functional cross-training MONDAY: DAILY-5 WARM-UP 1:00 Cardio Choice into... AMRAP